AOS 2055 Air Washer

Humidification System

This 2 in 1 Humidifier & Purifier washes and humidifies a room's air without evaporator mats. Special humidifier discs turn through the water removing impurities from the air naturally, which gives great relief to allergy sufferers. Therefore it is called an Air Washer. The discs, which never need replacing, have a great adhesion for water to guarantee high humidity output. The Air Washer is equipped with the Hydro Cell that provide constant freshness in your humidifier.

Comfort and Climate

  • The pre-ionizer charges particles as they enter the air washer. These small charged particles, down to 1.5 microns, form larger dust clusters that cling to the humidifier discs and are removed as the discs turn through the water. This highly efficient process results in effective washing and humidification in rooms up to 600 sq ft (55m2)
  • Special humidifier discs turn through the water, self-rinsing and cleaning the discs of impurities like a fresh rain cleans outdoor air – naturally (ideal for allergy sufferers)

Water and Hygiene

  • The Hydro Cell keeps AIR-O-SWISS humidifiers operating at their highest level between recommended cleanings+. Activated as soon as it comes into contact with water, the Hydro Cell with activated carbon technology helps reduce heavy metals, impurities and odor causing chemicals from your household tap water.
    • +         refer to the user manual which accompanies the AIR-O-SWISS humidifier for proper cleaning instructions

Energy and Performance

  • The aerodynamic grid design optimizes air flow and the use of high-quality components make the Swiss engineered Air Washer 2055 the quietest unit in its class
  • Very low power consumption
  • No performance additives required

Special Features

  • Place a piece of cotton sprinkled with a fragrance or essential oil in the purple fragrance container to humidify and scent the air at the same time
  • Fragrance container «2 in 1» with key function (opens the disc pack)
  • Removable housing and air inlet grid
  • No replacement filters or evaporator mats required
  • Transparent and removable water tank
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Quality components ensure lasting use
  • Ideal for home and office

Technical data AOS 2055

Electrical voltage 120 V / 60 Hz
Power consumption 20 W
Humidity output up to 3 gallons / 24h
Suitable for rooms up to 600 sq ft (55 m²)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 14.2 x 14.2 x 14.2 in / 36 x 36 x 36 cm
Weight (empty) 13 lbs / 5.9 kg
Operation noise level < 25 dB(A)
Accessories Hydro Cell


The Benefits of Humidification
Ecological Awareness
Did You Know...
reddot design award winner

AIR-O-SWISS Purifiers and Humidifiers from BONECO – Our Advanced Air Treatment Systems optimizes your indoor air through proper humidification and air purification. BONECO develops and manufactures technologically advanced air treatment systems such as ultrasonic humidifiers, air washers, air purifiers and evaporator humidifiers with exclusive functional design providing healthy room air. We have set new market standards with our digital Ultrasonic Humidifiers and Steam Humidifier – AOS U650, AOS 7135, AOS 7147 & AOS S450. Our AIR-O-SWISS 2055A Air Washer (Humidifier & Purifier) is the next generation with an automatic shut-off. Swiss design and innovation allows us to introduce environmentally friendly products like our refillable demineralization cartridge (DMC) and eco-friendly EZCal Humidifier Cleaner and Descaler. AIR-O-SWISS innovations like our new Ultrasonic Humidifier AOS U200 and Evaporative Humidifier AOS E2441, recipients of the Red Dot Design award, are just a few reasons to trust AIR-O-SWISS.